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Paradise ocean view property

On Sale: A 360 degree spectacular view in a paradise Property.  Located at Playa Hermosa town, Costa Rica with 53,819.55 square feet, half ocean view and half mountain view.

Closer to town and beach.  Build the house of your dreams with an Olympus view!


Area:53,819.55 square feet
Price per square foot:

Recently Reduced. $5.99

Location:Central Pacific Coast, Playa Hermosa, Jaco
Internet Access & mobile signal: 1Yes
Paved Roads:Yes
Electricity Availability:Yes
Water Availability:Yes


Beach and more

Enjoy surfing, jogging, biking, swimming and more in an awesome and fantastic ocean view property. Are you an early bird waiting to see the sunrise or maybe a night owl that begins with the sunset? This is your place.

Near downtown

Near Jaco & Playa Hermosa beaches and town. Your shopping tour is only 10 minutes away

Internet access

Looking at the sunset? Don't worry about Internet access, just share the moment with your loved ones 1

Drinking water

Costa Rica is a country of water. You can still drink from the tap or even better just fill the pool up.

Paved Roads

No headache. Whether in summer or in rainy seasons, go to your property without a headache on paved roads.

Electricity availability

By sure you will enjoy modern facilities, although you could also spend an exciting night around a campfire

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1 Depends on Internet / Communication service provider and provider's national coverture